Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Actual Solution to 'Simple' Trig Problem

Using a totally non-stolen picture*

*Using Microsoft terms**
**Disagreement with these terms will result in your computer having 'mysterious' BSOD whenever you try to complain, or in extraneous circumstances***
*** Eg. When we feel like it.

Super Edit:!!! I just realised as I did this problem, that the picture indeed IS wrong. The 3 and 5 (cm) are in the wrong positions. If you swap them Around, it's okay. So the picture IS wrong. Swap the 3 and 5 around ok.

So now, I've got to draw it in Paint.

So. I suppose I'll do it in Mathtype.

It's a bit small, but that explains everything I suppose.

What a fun problem huh?

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