Thursday, October 18, 2007

[Question] Let's get this started: Vector Proof hooo~

Ok! Study blog, yay! So, this is the first post of this blog relevant to it's use I suppose.

David did mention that it was for anything and everything pretty much, so I'm going to kick this off with a super disgusting vector proof question.

(Those doing spec, if this looks familiar, check your textbook _b)

Here goes:

The points A and B have position vectors a and b respectively, relative to an origin O. The point P divides the line segment OA in the ratio 1:3 and the point R divides the line segment AB in the ratio 1:2. Given that PRBQ is a parallelogram, determine the position of Q.

Gl, hf~

Submissions on this blog itself as a post would be great ^^, although I'm kind of scared how it's going to turn out as a post... Diagrams? Try photobucket.

I will attempt this question too, and will eventually put up an answer if no one bothers (assume I still care enough).

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David Jin said...

I don't do Vector Proofs. Their for VCE people.

On a side note... Where is the tags!! I'll ninja edit it or something (somehow).