Saturday, October 27, 2007

Find the Maths Formula!

Edit: I wrote the generic formula right, but the actual results wrong... So yeah. Updated Numbers!

Yay fun! Find the relationship between the following numbers!

0 3 7 13 21 28 36 43

I think I might have posted this before, not too sure. Also, if it's too hard, I'll post a few more numbers after it. I made this sequence up in a Chinese Exam I believe, and (for some reason) it's written into my Physics book. So yeah

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gee_cee0 said...

Umm... Lol, too hard? Spent super long looking for it, but I have better ways to waste my study time.

Imo it's a lot easier to come up with sequences and a lot harder to crack them =/, a bit like cryptography...

To illustrate this, here's one I came up with just then. The explaination is really simple, but guessing it... Lol.

0 1 2 6 12 25 48 91

I gave you 8 numbers, you can have more, but I really doubt anyone here (excluding geniuses) are going to be able to crack it anytime soon.

PS I'm willing to trade answers :D

Edit: I hate typos in comments.

David Jin said...

... 168, 306 ,550, 979

I used fibonacci as well for mine >.<

gee_cee0 said...

Read: David is a genius.